Seinen in Paris
The Seine is a 776 km long river and an important commercial waterway within the Paris Basin which is to the north of France. One of the greatest things to do is to follow the Seine through Paris where you get the rare opportunity of enjoying a thousand different escapades on the river, its bridges and islands. Whether daytime or night time, Left Bank or Right Bank, the visitors will always appreciate the buzz of activity along the quaysides and the lapping of the waves. There are many ways to relax ? aboard a boat, cycling, walking briskly, sauntering lazily, or working out, dining, dancing on barges, exploring an area between two exhibitions, taking a post-shopping break, or sunbathing in a swimsuit.
The Catacombs are Located south of the former city gate and they are underground ossuaries in the city of Paris. The Catacombs are one of the 14 cities of Paris museums that have been incorporated since January 1, 2013. The visitors in Paris city can always access the Catacombes from Place Denfert-Rochereau. Over six million bones from the various Parisian cemeteries do rest in the 1.7km labyrinth of tunnels. However the tour to the Catacombs is not recommended for those who suffer from cardiac or respiratory failure, un accompanied children. It?s however a very fascinating tour to the visitors.
The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower refers to an iron lattice tower which is situated on the Champ de Mars. The tower surpassed the Washington monument during its construction to assume the title of the tallest man made structure in the world and the most-visited paid monument in the world. The tower has three levels for visitors, with restaurants on the first and second. More than 250 million people have visited the tower since its construction in 1889 and visiting the tower has been made much easier with the presence of the two restaurants. This is a must see attraction site for any visitor to the city of Paris.